DOUBLE dinning room

A minimalist dining room with a nordic trend in oak finish. An impressive Double dining table and Gina chairs in bronze finish, bringing the “it” look.



SIXTY NINE Sideboard in Adara Matt with front in Roble Soft

DOUBLE dining table in Roble Soft

GINA Silla _ Chair with Mirage 6058 upholstery in Cobre/Bronze

SIXTY NINE Sideboard_ Measures: 120 cm.  x 142 cm. x 38 cm.

DOUBLE dining table _ Measures: 90 cm. a 130 cm. x 76 cm.  x 130 cm. a 300 cm.

GINA Chair _ Measures: 52 cm. x 92 cm. x 62 cm.

x 76 cm.  x 130 cm. a 300 cm.

GINA Chair_ Measures: 52 cm. x 92 cm.  x 62 cm.


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