QUANTUM Living room

An eclectic interior with several different styles and finishes can tell us much more than a monochrome plain ambience. We asked ourselve: How would look Keith Richard´s house?



QUANTUM TV Table in Negro Matt with Mirage fronts in Azul Noche Piano & Negro Piano.

Cubes in Azul Noche Matt with Giraffe & Zebra fronts in Azul Noche Piano & Negro Piano.

Neutria Coffee Table in Negro Matt

QUANTUM  Tv. table_ Measures: 246 cm.  x 67 cm.  x 41 cm.

Cubes_Measures: 50 cm.  x 50 cm. x 23/30 cm.

NEUTRIA Coffe Table  _ Measures: 80 / 100 / 150  cm.  x 42 cm.


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