Make no mistake!
When you buy a fake, imitation or a copy, you are not buying the same quality for a cheaper price. You´re always buying something with a lower quality,  less durable and need to be replaced much sooner than you had anticipated

From the time La Ebanisteria  started out, more than 45 years ago,  we have worked under the same strict  requirements: Quality and Design.

Two words that we hear continuously and that repeat to us incessantly, but not always clarifying what they mean. Perhaps we should reflect on what they conceal behind their meaning and what it means to work according to these premises.Focus on Quality means using the best materials: imported woods, the latest lacquers and the most durable hardware. Manufacture with the most advanced machinery combined with the skill of the most experienced craftsmen. Focus on Design means investing in a great team and taking the risk launching new and genuine designs. Spending long hours to create  ever more stunning and original catalogues.

Needless to say, all this stance in favour of quality and design demanded a hugh investement for a family business.   Sometimes it is really hard to quantify the return on this investment, if any. That is why, we are asking you to consider all these reasons mentioned above before buying and comparing different furniture which seem, at first glance, to be the same.

Please find below some tips to identify a genuine piece of La Ebanisteria:

  • Every single piece of furniture from our Factory is provided with a genuine Brand plate of La Ebanisteria. You can find it on the case side.
  • The upholstery is also provided with the propper label of La Ebanisteria
  • Pay attention on the finishes: take a closer look to at the painture of the furniture. If it´s a high gloss finish, it would be easy to identify our furniture. Can you see your reflection in it? If the answer is yes, it´s definitely a genuine piece.
  • Have you seen that unique finish on the table surface? Thats our exclusive “leather effect” finish. A soft-touch lacquer only available for La Ebanisteria furniture.

We hope all this information will help in your decision-making.

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